Old Friends

Old Friends is a web series I co-wrote, co-directed, edited, and starred in alongside Tim Curcio. The series revolves around the friendship between Nick Ross (appropriately played by me) and Tim Curcio (well portrayed by Tim). Here’s the pilot episode of the web version:

Tim and I, along with Underground Management and Marty Adelstein productions, sold the television pilot of Old Friends to CBS.

Episode 2: Date Night

Epsidoe 3: Tennis

When we released the web series, Tim and I asked our Facebook friends to “Like” the Old Friends fan page.  We said we would make a video just for the fans if over 400 people liked it.   This is that video:


2 thoughts on “Old Friends

  1. I came across Koldcast not too long ago, and this is where I found Old Friends. I laughed hysterically at each episode! This is definitely the best web-series I have found! There are a few others that I like, but this was the best in every category. The storyline, the acting, the music, the editing, all of it! I am writing a few things myself right now, and I am striving for it to turn out like Old Friends, perfect! Would love to see more!

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